Sunday, 29 August 2010

Friday and Saturday!!

So still recovering from my my fricikng wee infection (whey too much drinking is involved when saying goodbye to people) these days I was letting the antibiotics kick in and let my kidneys rest before burning man!! So I had two awesome days just walking around...checking out area's of San Fran...

So Friday met an awesome old 43year guy called Chris who sorted out my fricking laptop because of course my laptop would break after 2 days in!!
So we walked to the bay area and all around the piers to the famous pier 39...which was actually a massive pile of tourist shite!! But I did get a great picture of some fat lay seals and alcatraz... so enjoy!!

That night i just Chilled with some awesome girls that I met here in the hostel and we stayed up late and beat my motherfucking jet lag... and a massive big up to the crazy Judith..a 57 phillapino lady..who literally gave a many tena lady moments!!

Saturday... went to Castro (the Gay area of San Fran) and Height Ashbury (the hippy area of San fran)..

Mission on the way to Castro 


This is a cafe named after Harvey Milk, the first Gay Supervisor to run for office, and  was assasinated in 1978. The gay candidate at the moment running is a guy called Scott WEINER... with a name like that of course he's gonna get the gay vote!! Amazin.. also had a potato and pesto pizza with hunks of roasted garlic on top... was absolutely moist afterwards- 'escape from new york pizza' rock my intestines!

Haight Ashbury - Hippy Area

This Place was awesome it was a taxidermis/fashion/art shop.. the sold bat feet earings, chipmunk tail necklaces..loadsa stuffed animal heads.. and crazy religious/ vistorian voodoo shit made from animal bone.. and at the back was an art gallery..and on the side..randomly a flower stall.. Haighton Ashbury is like Camden cross bred with bricklane..but cleaner, laid back and minus the pretence.

Then in the evening... Met chris in the ballroom.. and we went for tasty pad thai (thanks Chris for the tasty treat!!) and film night in Union Square park.. where we watched 'Rear Window'. It was so chilled..people brought picnics.. martini glasses to toast Grace Kelly and people literally sleeping on duvets and in sleeping bags.. an amazing sight.. also the fact that crowd mentality was hilarious.. nearer the end everyone was gasping and booing the baddie.. and literally cheering on mass when the caught the geezer!
I toast with my Anchor steamed San Francisco Beer to the people who put that bad boy on!!

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