Sunday, 29 August 2010

Friday and Saturday!!

So still recovering from my my fricikng wee infection (whey too much drinking is involved when saying goodbye to people) these days I was letting the antibiotics kick in and let my kidneys rest before burning man!! So I had two awesome days just walking around...checking out area's of San Fran...

So Friday met an awesome old 43year guy called Chris who sorted out my fricking laptop because of course my laptop would break after 2 days in!!
So we walked to the bay area and all around the piers to the famous pier 39...which was actually a massive pile of tourist shite!! But I did get a great picture of some fat lay seals and alcatraz... so enjoy!!

That night i just Chilled with some awesome girls that I met here in the hostel and we stayed up late and beat my motherfucking jet lag... and a massive big up to the crazy Judith..a 57 phillapino lady..who literally gave a many tena lady moments!!

Saturday... went to Castro (the Gay area of San Fran) and Height Ashbury (the hippy area of San fran)..

Mission on the way to Castro 


This is a cafe named after Harvey Milk, the first Gay Supervisor to run for office, and  was assasinated in 1978. The gay candidate at the moment running is a guy called Scott WEINER... with a name like that of course he's gonna get the gay vote!! Amazin.. also had a potato and pesto pizza with hunks of roasted garlic on top... was absolutely moist afterwards- 'escape from new york pizza' rock my intestines!

Haight Ashbury - Hippy Area

This Place was awesome it was a taxidermis/fashion/art shop.. the sold bat feet earings, chipmunk tail necklaces..loadsa stuffed animal heads.. and crazy religious/ vistorian voodoo shit made from animal bone.. and at the back was an art gallery..and on the side..randomly a flower stall.. Haighton Ashbury is like Camden cross bred with bricklane..but cleaner, laid back and minus the pretence.

Then in the evening... Met chris in the ballroom.. and we went for tasty pad thai (thanks Chris for the tasty treat!!) and film night in Union Square park.. where we watched 'Rear Window'. It was so chilled..people brought picnics.. martini glasses to toast Grace Kelly and people literally sleeping on duvets and in sleeping bags.. an amazing sight.. also the fact that crowd mentality was hilarious.. nearer the end everyone was gasping and booing the baddie.. and literally cheering on mass when the caught the geezer!
I toast with my Anchor steamed San Francisco Beer to the people who put that bad boy on!!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

San Fran Museum of Modern Art

We all split up as we all had shit to do.. and I dragged my fat cheesecake ass to the beautiful

All I can say is this is one of the best Modern art museum I have ever been to! Sorry Tate.. but it kicks your ass..! The collection was '75 years of lookin forward' to it went from Calder-Warhol

There wasn't one piece of art there I thought was a pile a shit.. everything was well chosen, well placed and my kinda art.. so here's ome examples (oh yeah and your allowed to take pictures!!!)

(Frank Stella)

if Me and Ross had a baby.. this is what it would produce ha ha ha

(Barry Mcgee - Untitled 1996 2009)

So there was some Frida Karlho, Bruce Newman, Jay Defeo, Jeff Koon (the mikey J and bubbles loves it) warhol warhol warhol, Sigur Polke, Jackson pollocks (which most americans were wiping their fanny's over) and loads more classic..

had an installation from 'man of my dreams' - Matthew Barney
...but one of the absolute highlight of the museum wasn't the in the museum... the museum had 5 floors and the top floor has a rooftop terrec with outside installations.. like louse burgoise 'spider' etc.. but as I was walking out I looked across to the opposite building where it had loadsa industrial aircon tube crap... and saw this...... absolute genius!! I love people!!!........

...ahhh whhheerrre's Wally? (but apparently here they call him Waldrod?? fucking americans!)

Finding my San Fran and Cheesecake

So First offical day of walking around in daylight!! Basically a 'get you bearings day' I met a really sweet group of people.. who all were going on some crazy trip around all the national parks.. so they had two days to hang out with moi!! So we walked through one of the largest chinatown I've ever been to (apparentely it's to eone of the biggest) saw some absolute beauties of random crap to take to BM to wear and give people!!
Then we walked to Union square.. up to macy... and had a mo fo $8 cheese cake from the cheesecake factory...that was actually my breakfast lunch and dinner coz it's was fucking huge!!!

This ia a caramel, peanut and tutrle (turtle is a
SF chocolate biscuit thing) Cheesecake!

Then we walked all the way to California St... you know the famous street that fucking vertical...and took a tram down it..and like pure pikey welsh... jumped off before we had to pay!! whoo free ride

So first day here...

So Wednesday to me was the longest Wednesday  of my life just because I gained an extra 8 hours!!!! So i left London at 11.30am (well to me it was fricking 4am!) and I touched down in San Francisco at 2.30pm.. WTF... So I finally got to hostel and still had the day ahead of me... I met some bum chums who I was in a room with (loadsa Camp America Embryos) lovely people... also meet a cool 31 year old called Emily who was on the same flight as We kinda made friends...and chilled in the ballroom and had some sexy free dinner that they serve here... which was pretty much refried beans..kidney beans and chick pea mexican... Bless my poor room mates!! by 9.30pm.... my body was degrading into a mess of jetlag!! So I hit the sack....

2.30am.. woke up...wide fucking awake.. couldn't get back to sleep so in a haze of  'Oh shit I'm going to do that typical loud Gwen Wake everyone up shinaigans' so i gracefully grabbed my notebook and sat in the hall way next to a plug socket to start browsing my future destinations. So within that time I spent skyping dave I heard some guy do the biggest poo ever... it was quite embarrassing when he came out and relaised i was there... think he was 'going for gold!' The a half drunk English guy came up the stairs and having a epic barney with his mrs back home...that was entertaininIg for half an he went nto his room still scream at her...and hearing all the people in the room saying...'dude shut the fuck up!!'........

4am later and two english drunk guys came up!!! pissed as fanny's..started crawling through windows... So I sparked up a conversation at the fact I was laughing at them...only to end up...going on a midnight walk about with them around San  Fransico!! Shaun Bibby was awesome...we climbed people's staircases on the front of their houses at like 4.30am...taking pic of golden gate bridge...randome shots on the slopey steets.. it was rad!! and the best introduction to San Francisco!! thanks guys!! (unfortunetely theare are no photo's... as shaun took them all) so TBC!!

Friday, 27 August 2010

The Airport!!! Terminal 5 baby!!

So the beautiful Roisin O'Neil drove at me 5 am  in the MOFO Morning..... in between rape alarm was going off... and my having fits of crying as i realised what the fuck I'm about to embark on and who I'm leaving behind.. but at 6am I hit Heathrow where I stayed a whooping 5 hours and a half.... and then embarked on a 10 hour journey to San Fransico.. with a crazy chinese lady who slept the whole way... and me with a piss infection ( from drinking whey too much saying goodbye to you beautiful people) needin the toilet every hour on the hour!!! I watch 4 films...and very much enjoyed the braised beef!! ha ha

So I arrived at beautiful San Francisco.... jumped into a shuttle bus where I chatted to a lovely  60 year old man who was from Austrailia... who just travels everywhere for 2 day pit stops in club world... can...and with the airmiles... get another free around the flight trip ecomony..ohhhlucky for some!!! He did offer me a free meal in the hilton that night... but I there is something strange about someone who only stays in a city for less than 48 hors... eerr huummm Serial killers!!! can!

Got to the green tortoise Hotel.. which is a fucking awesome meals... friendly friendly people all going on crazy trips.. and ithe red light district of San fransico!! OBVIOUSLY... wouldn't stay anywhere else.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Leaving do in london ...enough said!

My Leaving do in Pretence Cardiff..
Thank you to Sue for letting me have a shin dig in your place...
And thank you Alex for dealing with alot of drunk Welsh people!!
Diolch to all..who came and conquered!

NEW HAIR..... New adventure!!!
Merci beaucoup Danny!!