Saturday, 28 August 2010

San Fran Museum of Modern Art

We all split up as we all had shit to do.. and I dragged my fat cheesecake ass to the beautiful

All I can say is this is one of the best Modern art museum I have ever been to! Sorry Tate.. but it kicks your ass..! The collection was '75 years of lookin forward' to it went from Calder-Warhol

There wasn't one piece of art there I thought was a pile a shit.. everything was well chosen, well placed and my kinda art.. so here's ome examples (oh yeah and your allowed to take pictures!!!)

(Frank Stella)

if Me and Ross had a baby.. this is what it would produce ha ha ha

(Barry Mcgee - Untitled 1996 2009)

So there was some Frida Karlho, Bruce Newman, Jay Defeo, Jeff Koon (the mikey J and bubbles loves it) warhol warhol warhol, Sigur Polke, Jackson pollocks (which most americans were wiping their fanny's over) and loads more classic..

had an installation from 'man of my dreams' - Matthew Barney
...but one of the absolute highlight of the museum wasn't the in the museum... the museum had 5 floors and the top floor has a rooftop terrec with outside installations.. like louse burgoise 'spider' etc.. but as I was walking out I looked across to the opposite building where it had loadsa industrial aircon tube crap... and saw this...... absolute genius!! I love people!!!........

...ahhh whhheerrre's Wally? (but apparently here they call him Waldrod?? fucking americans!)

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