Saturday, 28 August 2010

Finding my San Fran and Cheesecake

So First offical day of walking around in daylight!! Basically a 'get you bearings day' I met a really sweet group of people.. who all were going on some crazy trip around all the national parks.. so they had two days to hang out with moi!! So we walked through one of the largest chinatown I've ever been to (apparentely it's to eone of the biggest) saw some absolute beauties of random crap to take to BM to wear and give people!!
Then we walked to Union square.. up to macy... and had a mo fo $8 cheese cake from the cheesecake factory...that was actually my breakfast lunch and dinner coz it's was fucking huge!!!

This ia a caramel, peanut and tutrle (turtle is a
SF chocolate biscuit thing) Cheesecake!

Then we walked all the way to California St... you know the famous street that fucking vertical...and took a tram down it..and like pure pikey welsh... jumped off before we had to pay!! whoo free ride

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