Friday, 27 August 2010

The Airport!!! Terminal 5 baby!!

So the beautiful Roisin O'Neil drove at me 5 am  in the MOFO Morning..... in between rape alarm was going off... and my having fits of crying as i realised what the fuck I'm about to embark on and who I'm leaving behind.. but at 6am I hit Heathrow where I stayed a whooping 5 hours and a half.... and then embarked on a 10 hour journey to San Fransico.. with a crazy chinese lady who slept the whole way... and me with a piss infection ( from drinking whey too much saying goodbye to you beautiful people) needin the toilet every hour on the hour!!! I watch 4 films...and very much enjoyed the braised beef!! ha ha

So I arrived at beautiful San Francisco.... jumped into a shuttle bus where I chatted to a lovely  60 year old man who was from Austrailia... who just travels everywhere for 2 day pit stops in club world... can...and with the airmiles... get another free around the flight trip ecomony..ohhhlucky for some!!! He did offer me a free meal in the hilton that night... but I there is something strange about someone who only stays in a city for less than 48 hors... eerr huummm Serial killers!!! can!

Got to the green tortoise Hotel.. which is a fucking awesome meals... friendly friendly people all going on crazy trips.. and ithe red light district of San fransico!! OBVIOUSLY... wouldn't stay anywhere else.

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