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Platanitos part deux - 24 days onwards

So first of all apologises for this blog.. as I've literally just spent 3 days being absolutely shit faced and running around and doing very naughty things in Guadalajara, and literally have come back to the hostel at 2.30pm after having massive heart pulapations trying to stand in the museum de regional!! So i thought i'd update my blog... so heres the warning there is going to be many spelling mistakes and use of very bad language.. so I apolosgises now!!

Okay so to keep this short and sweet i'm going to tell you after 24 day of being at platinitos turtle camp, what I'll miss and ....what I won't miss with illustrated pictures so you don't get bored!!

So what i will miss.

Riding to km4 (where nest are incubabted) in the back of the pick up truck with the german girls on the singing celine dion or a cheeky bit of Bon Jovi while trying to not to get a palm leave in your face or be thrown out by the million pot holes!! (bumpy is not even the word to describe it!)

Riding on the back of a motherfucking quad bike mexican styley with 3 of us on the bike.... We bombed that bad boy in the pitch black of night ...5km up the beach ...trying to run over all the crazy crabs! vamos indeed!!

 And I'm gonna miss the blood Orange, apocaplyse now Sunsets.. mind blowing!

 Turtle soup!! yeah never get over seeing all those baby turtles rumaging around...and the novelty of realeasing them never gets old!!

Got woken up by an excited Hermilo... to tell me he caught a baby crocodile rom the esturary so at 8am i  found myself holding a baby crocodile... their really squiggy underneath!

Our international soccer match on the beach during sunset. Oh yes the germans didn't want uson their team.... so me Rhiaro, Dennis, Vivianna kicked pure ass 6-1 (Till  the german guy was a bad loser...what a surprise but hilarious to watch him sulk) nothing like a good game of football ,to give you the excuse to be vent your frustrations...

In the daytimes there wasn't much to do.. so did a Neil Buchann fucking art attacked the Sajervo Shit Shack, so i painted one fuck off muria las a welcome.. and loadsa of Miami Vice palm trees and of course whipped up somesigns so that people actally know what things are!! took me 4 days until i knew which wasthe mens or which was ze ladies.. so i like to think I left a wee bit of my creativity there.. while helping others know where to poo

taking Zyca for a walk! she's is one crazy ass dog, who can't take commands... and is a wee bit miscieveious... bit like me...  but she would run along my side... while i'd listen to a bit of madge strutting myself up the walkin the morning and another in the evening... think i can safely say that my beer belly is starting to go down!!

Caste was a sweet 21 year old mexican from the local village that works at 4km.. but occassionally wasdown at our camp... he does speak a word of english but he would give me little sweet gestures like carzy ass shells and fossils that he's found on the beach, they would always make me smile. One night it was literally just me and Caste for 5 hours 4kms up the beach looking for nests.. in those 5 hours he taught me how to count and speak a little spanish.. and we'd play the game of guess the gay sexual orentiation of the poacher... mayata (gives it up the bum) or Puto (recieves it up the bum) so funny!

Standing  on the beach in seeing coming in from the sea.. a fuckoflightening storm, then turning 180 degrees.. and seeing another fuck offlightening storm coming over the mountain... yet you are in the middle totally dry and still sunny, incredible.

butterflies...can they are everywhere... they so beautiful... big bright yellow ones... orange and brown with dots you name it i've seen in.. i also love the way when they mate... they dance around together... like their playing kiss catch...but a sad story people... once the male finally gets hold of her and makes sweet sweet love... he then dies instantly afterwards!! meow!

randomly this is a picture taken in Ogmore Castle..
yes people these guys have been to Ogmore and drank
in walkabout in Cardiff!! ha ha WTF
Meeting Dario (a lovely yet charming mexican) and Nick (a 6 ft Kiwi) onee night when we were releasing turtles...the two sexy men and a lovely mexican lady called suzie invited me and dennis over for a few beers in one of those fuck off amazing villas at platinitos... first of all i endulgded in the comfy toilets they had.. then we went up to the roof terrace where we sat up till 4am.. drank a shit loads of beer.. and dario whipped up the biggest bag of weed I have ever fucking seen!! easiely had to be and ounc and a half... th jiffy bag was and it all cost 200 peso..(£10!!! WTF. Those guys sortd out my santity that night from isolation and the germans.. and i owe them the phattest drink when i get to guadlahara!! cheers guys!! Also i think I spent half and hor with the giggles laughing at dennis trying to rattached the water container.. felt like i was 15 again and stoned in school!! hilarious stuff!!

on the downside of that bautiful night.. is that I had to be up at fucking 7am for a trip Till had arranged without even telling us what we are doing, going how much it was gonna cost... but in true mexican stylie the guy didn't show up till 9am.... whoo hoo and it was Caete uncle.. so we all jumped into the back of his truck at haded to the next village!! Still not knowing what the fuck we are doing we follow him and his 8 awesome kids through the mountain!! dud this is the sort of shit I have ben dreaming of whn oing travlling... we waded through rivers, we had to climb over massive rocks.. through 1 ft of mud and donkey poo (the feling of walking through wet mud and donkey poo bear foot is gross but also kinda satifying!!! ha ha) I even did that crazy shit where me and th cool as mexican family climbedup rocks and dived head first into the plunge pool!! Saw a real python in a treepickd fruit and ate it as we walked along... and the best bit was the final destination! after 2 staright hours of wading walking climbing, we come to this small waterfall over rocks thing..and on the rock were these ancient rock formation that (aftr doiing my research) are 1000BC years old! they were incredible and because this wasn't a tourist area and it's a freaking msion to gt hre only the villagers know about them.. and thy took their sunday off to show us them!!

It was mind blowing and an awesome day!! we then went backto the village and played with the kids and all the crazy animals they have running around..I fell in love with a gammy puppy!! good job i had that rabies jab!!!

sleeping in a hammock.. man that was the comfortest  sleep  i've ever had!! 4km at 11pm me Dennis and Hermilo "accidently fell asleep" in the hammocks while meant to be patrolling!!!

I';m gonna miss Hermilo and his flithy mind!! that man has shared things with me that would shock your avaerage prson.. love the story of th 14year old girlfrom the next villag marrying a 27year old coz he got her knocked up... and that hermilo and most mexicans have no problems with having sex with 14 year old girls!!! In my country you get banged up for that shit!! but thats crazy mxican ways! Will also miss Rhiaro and his homeboy attitude.. love that shit!! he kept me going through alot of the day and gav me the sweetest mexican bag to take away on my travels!! love you guys!!!

mexican village way of life  , it's exactly what see small shanty houses with about 9 people living in them... th 6 kids mum dad gran..even the uncle.. plus the 5 gammy dogs.. some chickens running around.. a donky in the front and babies with their ear pierced!! but they are the loveliest, humble and most generous people I have ever met!! When I had to leave the camp, Caete Uncle gave me a lift to las varas in his trunk... first of I love that whn tackling the 9kmlong road fullof potholes.. I attmpted to put my seat belt on... Caete uncle laughed and no no!! so I sat for half an hour continuous bashing my head on the dash board!!! we thn stoppedoff at his house and picked up his wife and 5 of his kids.....cruised for an hour on the back of the truck with his kids and 16 massive watr bottles that needed to be filled up!! Man it dosn't get more authentic than that!

Things i'm not gonna miss...

the german conversations!! I think 97% of th time there was spnt with those guys speaking german to each other.. it's not the prettiest of languages...alway sounds like they are shouting at each othr... so thank god for my beautiful ipod!!!

The bug bites... i have been brutally rape by bugs..not just mosquitos but these small things that eat at your ankles and ears... eerrr so you have to cover yourself in Bug spray (still makes no difference in my eye!!)oohh and the fucking taste of the bug spray makes you gag everytime you put it on! I will NOT miss that shit!

Being told that a 3m Crocodile was on the loose and was spotted at 8km and 5km of the beach... 3m!! That one night I literally said a prayer myself everytime i fell over a piece of driftwood!

The showers/toilet.. you can never enjoy a cold shower while being awatching by 2 gechos.. surrounded by a million mosquitos and bin full of used toilet paper next to you!! grim!

When cleaning the nests.. the eggs have en sat there for 45 days... and sometimes the gone off eggs would pop in your hand .sometimes as a suprise they would pop maggots!! and if your lucky... a dead turtles with maggots coming out and the umblical cord hanging off!! not great before breakfast!

Being at 3km of the beach and seeing a fuckoff tropical thunder storm heading our way from north and south... thinking i was gonna we were so far from camp and nowhere to shelter  ( but told if it got too close that we would have to burry ourselves into the sand and wade it out)the sound and volume of the thunder is enough to make to soil yourself...also had my afgan scarf around my head, as hair conducts electricity so my only thought is that i'm gonna die impersonating the taliban!! we got back safety around literatuarlly pacing for our lives (you can't run coz your more likely to get hit-energy thing apparently)but literally stepped into the camp and the lightening was 2 miles away...

seing poachers which machettes!hated the awkward silence as they walk past... i literally would sit thre crappy myself!!

The twaty things Till ( the german guy would say to me) basically he is training to be a Dr and has a bad case of "God complex"ome on we all know one... the guy who thinks he dos medicine and therefore means that he is god and knows all about the world.... basically in the whole time we were there... the only thing Till said to me was a command! or he tllme off for not know spanish (even tho some of the German girls didnt) had a go at me everytime I ate a buscuit... as evan says..nobody loves a biscuit !!! prick.. but the best clash we had as i am a girl who doen't put up with that shit... Iknew he didn't like the idea of my murials.. so first of all I could tell him discussing it with the german girls at breakfast.. (I may speak english but you can always tell when someone is talking about you in another language it's travellers intuition) to which it ended with him throwing a peanut butter jar at the ceiling talk about, throwing your toys out of your pram.. and of course because he didn't get his own way he then finally got the balls after stropping around to tell me, while half way through my murial, that he dosn't like my idas, and he thinks it's gonna look crap.. to which I replied in my 26year old calming voice..."Till I don't give a fuck if you don't my painting... i'm doing thm anyway!!!" ha ha the look on his face classic gold TV! hey ho..iwas never gonna get on with a German who doesn't drink beer and hates Berlin!! WTF

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